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 St. Croix Valley SART is one step closer to finalizing our Pediatrics Expansion!  

As part of the pediatric forensic exam requirements, photographic documentation with video feature is standard practice. Acquiring this equipment will enable St. Croix Valley SART, Inc. to provide medical forensic exams to victims less than 13 years of age. The initial cost including one year of technical support is $14,000; each year of support thereafter will be $2,000.

Your donation today will make this expansion a reality and a needed resource for members of the communities in Pierce, Polk and St. Croix counties. Currently, accessing services requires traveling between 55-90+ miles to St. Paul, Minnesota or Eau Claire, Wisconsin. St. Croix Valley SART, Inc. can be that option for those families seeking a more convenient resource.

Please consider a contribution to our project and thank you for your continued support!

To learn about this product and how it will assist St. Croix Valley in performing Pediatric Sexual Assault Exams, please click here.

To donate to this cause, please view our camera fundraising page and click on camera project in the bottom left corner for more info. Donations can also be made in person or mailed to St. Croix Valley SART.  Thank you for your support.