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Consider supporting SART today!

The St. Croix Valley Sexual Assault response Team (SART) works toward a shared vision of a society without sexual violence. Our program is both proactive—providing education to schools and speaking to groups on sexual violence issues, and reactive—promoting healing, empowerment and restoration in our crisis response services.

Please consider donating via a fundraiser or by making a monetary donation today. Your financial support guarantees that we will continue our efforts toward a future free of sexual violence.

St. Croix Valley Sexual Assault Response Team is always willing to take donations for events, whether that is food, beverages or supplies.  If you are interested in donating food, beverages or materials for events; please feel free to contact us at: info@stcroixvalleysart.org

St. Croix Valley SART always appreciates your donations and support. SART is funded primarily on donations and grants. Financial support provides continued care for victims of interpersonal violence by way of forensic medical exams, advocacy, legal support, proactive educational presentations, and professional presentations. On average, services provided per client may incur minimal cost of $500.00.


To learn how to make a charitable donation via your Financial Institution or local charity, please see our Donation Page