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iStock_000009024892Small4.jpgOur Mission Statement

The St. Croix valley Sexual Assault response Team (SART) provides forensic evidence collection exams, education, referrals and advocacy for survivors of interpersonal violence (sexual and domestic), strangulation, human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the community.

We believe in a proactive (prevention) and reactive (intervention) approach toward the fulfillment of our mission.

Our goals are:

  • In a collaborative effort with community agencies, to provide quality care, assistance with the legal process, medical care and counseling to meet the needs of the sexual assault survivor victim.
  • To protect the sexual assault survivor victim from further emotional or physical harm.
  • To provide timely, thorough and professional forensic evidence collection, documentation and preservation of evidence for law enforcement.
  • To provide survivor victims with immediate medical care and appropriate referral follow-up care.
  • To provide survivor victims with support services and appropriate referral follow-up care.
  • To provide education and outreach presentations to the community regarding sexual assault.