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In order to ensure both parents and the survivors needs are met, follow up with an advocate will be available during each Parent Support Group session. These follow up visits will include advocacy, support, crisis counseling, information as well as activities and exercises to empower and support the survivor.

St. Croix Valley SART understands that interpersonal violence effects many people, primarily the victim and their loved ones. Often times, parents feel as if they have been victimized, or don’t know how to process, as a result of the incident. Because of this, St. Croix Valley SART offers a psycho-educational 6 week support group to parents of those who have experienced sexual assault. Each session runs 90 minutes.

A psycho-educational support group focuses on providing information and emotional support to group members. Each session has a designated topic covered, which can be modified based on the needs of the members. The curriculum of the group was adopted from the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs.

This is a closed support group, meaning the support group has a beginning and end date. The support group is facilitated for a group of parents for 6 weeks. When that 6 weeks concludes another group of parents start. St. Croix Valley SART wants to ensure that the support group is the right fit for those seeking it and asks that all interested contact us and set up a meeting to discuss needs or concerns.

For more information, call us at 715-425-6443 or email at info@stcroixvalleysart.org